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About the Dailychic

It's as easy as 1-2-3

While I was in the States in 2010 I stumbled upon a concept called 'Group Buying'. It's basically where companies offer customers phenomenal deals - often up to 90% off - for a short (mostly 24hr) period. It works really well for the brands as they get new customers and brilliant publicity from it and it goes without saying, us customers love it too. It is going great guns over there, so much that one of the 'Group Buying' companies has just been named the fastest growing company, ever (even beating YouTube).

On my return, I excitedly signed up to a few sites and bought a few deals. After a couple of months, I started feeling frustrated with the number of emails I received every day and the number of sites I was checking but I didn't want to miss the deals so persevered.

What I wanted was just one place to look and one daily email delivered first thing in the morning and tailored to where I live. Not asking for much was I? That place didn't exist, not until now that is! I joined forces with my long term friend, Vicky Zadeh, to create that place and the dailychic is born.

If you're like us and you're short on time but can't resist a bargain, love nice things and want to explore your city then the dailychic is made for you. Select your city, see the deals, and either go straight on to buy or click on the header for more info. Once you've bought it, you'll be emailed a voucher to redeem over the following months. If you're on the move, our email will serve you well, making sure you don't miss out. If we say so ourselves, the dailychic is the perfect place for present buying (vouchers don't show the deal price) so you earn brownie points, give someone a fab time and save a small fortune.

We hope you enjoy the dailychic as much as we have enjoyed creating it for you...

Michelle Dewberry & Vicky Zadeh

About the Founders

Michelle Dewberry, winner of The Apprentice, author, business consultant, and thrifty northerner who can't resist a good bargain. Vicky Zadeh, Accountancy graduate, mum of two who left a high flying corporate career to set up the dailychic to make life's little luxuries affordable to all.